KG Dharbar (A/C) - A high-tech banquet hall in Madurai, launched with the motto - Royal Celebrations Made Affordable To All Economic Classes. KG Dharbar (KGD) is committed to its manifesto by providing the best possible environment for family affairs and business events alike. We are proud to serve as the cause and standby as an evidence to millions of joyous and memorable moments of people and their lives! Our commitment to providing a high-quality setting and atmosphere is shown through its unmatched features and innovative technology.
KGD very much fits the bill for the rich, to celebrate parties, small events, and get-together, among families and friends, and especially when in need of roomier atmosphere than homes. Still saving a lot compared to star hotels. KGD is a blessing for all middle class levels to host family functions and religious events, when the turnover of people is less than a 1000. Now they have an option to realize more than 50% of savings they would have spent with big halls at big bills!
KGD is a boon for Government and Private Organizations, Institutions, Societies, Associations, Clubs, Institutions in need of more space and professional ambience to host their Meetings, Celebrations, and Campaigns.
Do we deserve it? Yes we do!